Faramarz Khani


Faramarz Khani (b.1982)

Faramarz Khani (1982) was born in Kermanshah, Iran. He graduated in painting from Soore University in Tehran in 2010 and received his master in illustration from Tehran art university in 2015.
Khani’s work is centred around the study of psychoanalyst characteristics of anima and animus, his compositions are hugely influenced by Carl Jung theory of the collective unconsciousness, in the collected works of Khani, anima is the dominant element of the effect, it is clearly noticeable in his painting that the feminine fragments of the male existence of the artist are intensely tied to his reality. Repetition of the element of water as a bed and presence of nature in his painting refer to repository of desire and wishes that are out of reach which affect a person’s thoughts and anguishes. In his painting the female figures are sometimes in friction with the male lion, an element that is powerful sign of masculinity. However, Khani’s works are in harmony with the female body.
The role of creator and creature are unknown for Khani during the magnum opus, for him this expression may be strange, or it may be wild, but this long road represents a close experience with his surrounding today. The work begins with the pre-design and take the path of the unconsciousness in the middle of the journey. This is where the subtle boundary between the conscious and the subconscious of the artist disappears, and the anima accompanies him on the path of creating true inner values, and again lights the flag in his hand.
Faramarz Khani does not talk about the feminine world, he lives in the feminine world. In his world, a male lion is tamed by his young daughter when gently embracing and cuddling her.

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