Masoud Sadedin


Masoud Sadedin (b.1956)

Masoud Sadedin was born in Semnan, Iran, in 1956 and graduated in 1980 from the Faculty of Fine Arts, Tehran University. In 1986 he immigrated to Germany, since then he works as a freelance artist and lecturer.
The works of Maoud Sadedin are not related to symbolism in art and his approach is not to engage with symbols and thought concepts. His work is not pragmatic and they are rather midway of existing reality and pictorial structure that is formed in his mind during the process of creating the work. It can be considered as and intuitive encountering with the existing reality like a condensed feeling of existence in time formed by supposition and impression which follows the same process in the mind of the audience. In other words, the audience from his/her internal experience and inner conception, based on the same elements to which we have shared cognition, approaches the work.
In a layer of his mind, there exists vagueness about the seemingly familiar reality and human beings have shared experience in the essence of that vagueness. His triumph has been on finding the situation, feeling, structure and pictorial medium which transforms this shared experience into a condensed form and structure. Rather than symbols, he is using a field of impressions that is formed intuitively in his mind and then based on essential elements in painting is transformed into a final form which surprises himself too. It is an open field for interpretation and hermeneutic of the audience just like the same way that the work is formed based on the dialogue between the painter and the painting. The concept is formed in the audience based on her/his experience and feeling in reflection to the work.
Picture is only painting of experiences and feelings of existence using a language formed unconsciously throughout many years. What is shown up as a symbol, is only a misunderstanding which is due to intellectualistic or conceptualists’ expectations from the painting. Painting does not image. It is not illustrative. It only delivers a concept that lives forever and represents a cognition and feeling of the existing state.
His work has been shown at numerous exhibitions, international art fairs and major exhibitions in Germany and abroad. In addition to painting, Sadedin is involved as an author of performance and theater plays as well as texts on the visual arts. In 2016, Masoud Sadedin became the eighth laureate of the Kunstpreis art award and then he was honoured with an exhibition featuring his work and a book, published by the LVR-LandesMuseum Bonn, to accompany the exhibition.
Masoud Sadedin lives and works in Troisdorf, Germany.

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