Bahman Sehatlou


Bahman Sehatlou (b.1955)

Bahman Sehatlou (b. 1955), Started his art academical journey at the art University in Tehran before leaving for Sweden in 1984, where he still lives today. He studied for one year at the Copper Graphics. In 1992, at the age of 37, Sehatlou became a member of the Swedish Artists National Organization.
Sehatlou’s paintings are of an impressionistic style for him the colours are more important than motif, he want to convey a powerful feelings and emotions of the nature to the audience through capturing the essential colours and imprint them into spectators.
According to Sehatlou there’s something profoundly enchanting about the Nordic landscape, majestic fjords receding to immensity, the mesmerising colours of the waters falling down the mountain and the silent dwelling where meditation become self-expression.
For him the notion of stability is symbolised with a square in his paintings, the stability represents the solid power of the nature and the geopolitical feeling he get from the stable association where he resides.

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