Navid Zafar-Alizadeh


Navid Zafar-Alizadeh (b.1984)

During the most recent years he has been rising as a star in Middle East contemporary art scene, with a strong artistic distinctiveness.
Alizadeh’s expressionism story telling paintings are loaded with layers of emotion, disturbance and trauma induced from tragedy and memories of childhood. The life experiences have play an important role in shaping his painting motif. His worries and subconscious mind have led him to the style of figurative expressionism. For Alizadeh emotional expression has always been more vital than subject expression.
For him the painting is an emotional sensation that is a real concern for the distinct ideas that he had and still have, his painting can bring forth a certain feeling, sometimes uttering the feelings of loneliness, pain, madness and sometimes balance. For Alizadeh to depict a dream, fantasy, or existential feeling he does not engage in objectivity, various pattern and rules which bind him instead through improvise action he creates a very direct instantaneous sensory encounter with his creation. For him sensory expression is more important than thematic expression.
The formalistic aspect of Alizadeh’s paintings are characterized by heavy scenes and characters in bizarre motion or behaviours, these expressions are the fundaments of his poetry and storytelling. For him to create these body of work sometimes Alizadeh close his eyes and try to eliminate the subject in order to achieve what is in his mind, due to this method his painting goes through a numerous erasing and re-painting until in a moment that the feeling of inertia is right in term of form, colour, line and climax of emotions he stop the work on the canvas.

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