Galleries arise and are closed down. As of today, there are 42 galleries registered in Rogaland, of which 28 are sole proprietorships and nine are joint-stock companies. Aftenbladet has selected three galleries to show the diversity among gallerists.

In Kirkegata in the center of Stavanger, many people look into the window of gallery Amenor Contemporary while shopping for clothes. The manager of the gallery wants more people to dare to enter.

Gallery Amenor Contemporary of 140 square meters opened in April. Co-owner Farzad Shariatpanahi says that the location, the depth of the room, the height under the ceiling, the lighting and the view from the outside are ideal for a gallery.

– We love art. For us, it is exciting to introduce new artists to Stavanger. We consider this a kind of cultural exchange. People get to know something they wouldn’t normally have come across, says Shariatpanahi.

– We want to present the culture from other countries in Stavanger. Art is the best way to do that. We would like to support local artists and at the same time introduce international artists to the local market. A goal for us is also that people should have access to something different, says Gorbani.