Reflection and Refraction

September 11  -   October 9, 2021

Amenor Gallery in Stavanger, Norway is pleased to announce the opening of ‘Reflection and Refraction’, the solo exhibition by the Norwegian artist, Marius Martinussen.

In Marius Martinussen’s art, the formal abstraction is in focus. Through a long series of paintings, he has explored the possibilities of abstraction over the past 15 years, both for the painting itself, and also for the viewer.

His painting are banquet of colours and lines which reflect and refract the light of serenity through layers of expressive emotion. It is as if spectator become a jeweller looking at the gem of life for evaluation of its purity and geometrical substance. This exciting abstract colourist is unafraid of using strong and unexpected colour combination to create a dynamic expression and drama.

For the audience the concept of golden ratio in the painting is imperative but Martinussen approach to this notion is idiosyncratic, instead of having a focal point evocative he forms the association of edges, lines, and colour shade layers so the whole painting speak to the viewers and give them an imprint of the feeling.

Martinussen’s confront the abstraction with fresh, distinctive apparent urgency and he embraces the medium without fear of being outdated and irrelevant. The artist takes on a philosophy to his practice, the multi-layered method of taping and colouring to the whole new level in this new collection.

The paintings featured in `Reflection and Refraction` take a spectator back to the idea of language as the principal element of artistic innovation.

Featured artist:

- Marius Martinussen

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Reflection and Refraction