The Duo Abstract Expressionism

June 5  -   June 27, 2021

AMENOR Contemporary Art Gallery, Stavanger is pleased to announce a new duo exhibition exploring works by Bahman Sehatlou and Farnaz Akhlaghi. The paintings, charmingly inspired by nature and ancient forms have come together in unity and have been composed into abstract pieces.

“Impression of Solidity” by Sehatlou portrays the idea that all the colors and techniques used in a painting are in synergy with one another to create the essence of solidity expressed by impressionism. In his paintings, the landscapes give a conspicuous demonstration of a radiant, yet meditative ambiance in composition with abstract elements. Simply said, Sehatlou’s paintings capture a transient feeling of scenery created with the fundamentals while building a bridge between impressionism and expressionism.

The collection, “Cyphers of the Ancient” represents an exploration of historical signs and symbols fashioned into a mixed-media painting. The title reflects Akhlaghi’s involvement with historical artifacts and her collaboration with UNESCO’s preservation efforts. Akhlaghi’s paintings explore concepts of existential identity and the present moment, where time does not exist.

She integrates abstractions of myths and motifs, creating a unique palette of color for each work, evoking feelings of antiquity.

The artist’s approach to abstraction is profound and energetic, often involving layering, pulling the viewer into the depths of three dimensions. The motif, the technique and the material offer a rich universe of texture, and sublime composition.


Featured artists (sorted by the last name):

- Farnaz Akhlaghi
- Bahman Sehatlou

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The Duo Abstract Expressionism