Manifestation of Presence

Solo Exhibition of MASOUD SADEDIN (b. 1956)

August 7  -   September 4, 2021

A painting by Masoud Sadedin is like a captain’s focus through a binoculars in the vast ocean to find a one true destination. It is comparable to a dense storm of thoughts for novelty, or the feeling of a cloud when touching eagle’s wings to get an imperceptible textures of old habits. We are overwhelmed by his painting because of the moments captured on the canvas remind us of our inner path of exploration to innovate or love or perhaps feel the impact of the flow of time.
Amenor Contemporary is pleased to present Manifestation of Presence, an exhibition of recent paintings by Masoud Sadedin (b. 1956which is the first Norway solo exhibition of the artist . Sadedin creates captivating images that resuscitate our sense of time: they invite the viewer to explore a space between reminiscence and the realm of the perseveration.
There exists vagueness in the seemingly familiar notion of reality and human beings have shared experience in the essence of that vagueness. Sadedin’s triumph has been on finding the situation, feeling, structure and pictorial medium which transforms this shared experience into a condensed form and structure. Rather than symbols, he is using a field of impressions that is formed intuitively in his mind and then based on essential elements in painting, it is transformed into a final form which surprises himself too.
The paintings guide the viewer’s eye through copious layers of paint. Kindling the wistful poetics of a distant, perhaps imagined, memory, Sadedin’s vignettes remove themselves from the constant rhythm of time and are captured in precise moment of culmination. The feeling of being suspended in a dream before the alarm jolts one back to reality.
Powerful precise brushwork dance across the surfaces of Sadedin’s still lives, characters, and situations. The imagery draws from observation experiences that emerge from the artist’s studies and analyses of life and human nature.

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Manifestation of Presence