Manifestation of Presence

August 7  -   September 4, 2021

Amenor Gallery in Norway is pleased to announce the opening of ‘Manifestation of Presence’, the first solo exhibition by the Persian-German artist, Masoud Sadedin. The artist’s work represents an instinctive encounter with the existing realities of being extended through the time in which the artist is trapped in and focusing on the touch when someone is trying to find a right moment or imperative in their action.
His paintings are full of features concentrating to reach climax and to find the true meaning of power and strength or feelings underlying themes related to them through intention, determination and collaboration of mind, body and soul.
His new artworks show how the external body structure and interactive objects are perceived and observed and the inner feeling of exploration is captured by him. These new
works address deep questions of discovery that affect us all. Although the inspiration behind them is very personal, his ability to touch so many of us comes from his internal
emotivity and his deep sense of empathy with the subject that reflects itself in the artwork.

Featured artist:

- Masoud Sadedin

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Manifestation of Presence