April 17  -   May 28, 2021

What is art to our lives? Is it only an appealing aspect of our life which helps us to have a better feeling? Does it have any message to convey to the audience related to existential experience of the artist? Is it an essential need of human being? We at AMENOR believe the answers to these questions are Yes! We listen to music to balance and calm our soul through vibration, read a novel because of our needs for intellectual satisfaction. Art, aside from any role in our life, provides us the means to satisfy our need to develop understanding and build interconnected notions based on which we create or modify our social relationships and norms. Art galleries, like artists, have their own choice of conceptions in their selection of artworks for exhibitions.

Having roots in Oriental culture and being developed and nourished in the Western culture, founders of AMENOR, are trying to interconnect aesthetic emotions of artists from other part of the world with a regional culture to create indulgent and solidarity through untainted form of expression which is Art. This is done by presenting works of art by artists who have the factual experience of living in the West and East with a diverse emotional impact which has led to the development of a cognitive empathy in intercultural interactions.

The first exhibition of AMENOR is opening on with the subject of “CONVERGENCE” in which artworks from different artists from around the world are exhibited. This is the first exhibition of the gallery and it is intended to familiarize the local audience with the taste of the founders and their styles. Although selected artworks seem to be diverse, they have one common conception that is to be explored.

During the COVID 19 era, what is most missed is this essential need to walk in a gallery and enjoy getting engaged in conceptualization of artworks. The highest threat of this pandemic has been to our mental and intellectual health and we must find a way to retrain our physical health while taking care of our other essential needs. To achieve this, AMENOR has taken measures to prevent COVID health risks for its audience by social distancing in the gallery and other actions to minimize the visitors’ risks. We are eagerly looking to meet you in our gallery during 17.04.2021 to 28.05.2021 to start our dialogue to build up a social humanistic joint effort for an integrated multicultural world.

Featured artists (sorted by the last name):

- Farnaz Akhlaghi
- Faramarz Khani
- Morteza Khosravi
- Masoud Sadedin
- Bahman Sehatlou
- Seyed A. Shariatpanahi
- Hero Sheikholeslam
- Navid Zafar-Alizadeh

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